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Photojournalist, author, freelance travel writer and outdoor photographer.

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Dale Morris's deep seated passion and in depth knowledge of the natural world has lead him to write a string of well crafted, informative and often hilarious accounts of his travels, and encounters with wildlife.

His motto "Make people smile, even if they shouldn't" has been a successful foundation for his work. His written articles are both highly enjoyable and thought provoking whilst his photographic work truly conveys his personal fascination for the creatures, people and places that he reports on.

Since 1991 Dale has worked around the world, often on the front lines of wildlife conservation and adventure travel. He has raised orphaned chimps in Africa, tagged marine turtles in Costa Rica and documented monkey behaviour throughout South America.

His field knowledge, photography and presentation skills have landed him contracts with the likes of the Discovery channel, The BBC and National Geographic.

Dale is most at home trekking through tropical forests in search of Jaguars stories and images. He is equally at home in the desert, on a reef, up a mountain or in a pub.

Dale currently resides in South Africa with his wife and son where he pursues his passion for outdoor adventure photography and writing.

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